Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome to the ASF!

Welcome to the little blog home of the ASF Fanfiction. I will be your host, Vee-Jay Hedgehog (call me Vee), and this is my take on what the original characters of Robert & David might be if they were anthropomorphic animals and the sugarcoating was completely smothered with a pillow...ergo, realworld physics and emotional reactions on a fantasy plane.

Many of the characters can be located on my DeviantART Account under the username of DangerousRadical. That name alone should tell you I'm a fair bit...eccentric ;D

These fanfictions are practice runs at best, 13 chapter "episodes", preparation for detailed, descriptive, emotional rollercoasters that I wish to pursue in other ventures like teen novels.

For those of you curious as to whos's who:
Cougar: Charleston Keyves Jnr (TOP HAT)
Raccoon: Thomas Douglas Marlesbury (WARRIOR)
Tree Panda: Lawrence Sunshine "Sunnie" River'ynn (SUNSHINE)
Owl: Professor Oliver Jones (O.J.)
Hedgehog: Tennie Connor Hedgehog (TEN CENTS)
Hedgehog: Orion Hercules Hedgehog (HERCULES)
Timber Wolf: Mackenzie O'Neill (BIG MAC)

With that all said, welcome to the blog and enjoy your stay =D

VJ Hedgehog

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